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I’m Living Out the Life That I’ve Always Imagined for Myself

In the spring of 2008, seventeen-year old Buffalo, NY, native Megan Mahoney, a freshman member of Marist College’s women’s crew team, was preparing for the team’s spring training trip.

“The day before we left, we all had to go to this big meeting,” says Megan. “I was sitting with my teammates in the auditorium when all of a sudden everything got dim.” Teammates later told her “they saw my eyes roll back in my head and I just fainted.” When she came to, her teammates walked her down the hall to the school nurse’s office, where she fainted again.

An ambulance brought her to nearby Poughkeepsie Hospital where doctors ran tests, but could find nothing wrong. “They said I was fine, but when I stood up to go home, I fainted again. I fell right onto the floor in front of the doctor.” They checked her in for the night and performed a CT scan. The CT scan showed a mass in her brain.

“At that point they weren’t sure what it was,” says Megan. “But they told me I needed to see a neurologist and get an MRI.”

Megan cancelled her spring training trip and had an MRI. A Buffalo-based neurologist told Megan and her parents that the mass in her brain was likely a benign, fluid-filled tumor known as an Epidermoid Cyst…….Read full story: http://www.columbianeurosurgery.org/2012/05/im-living-out-the-life-that-ive-always-imagined-for-myself/